Problem with submitting a ticket


I have tried to submit a ticket multiple times today. Each time I am getting a message that reads “The Operation Failure”. Can you please advise?

Note - I have an issue with PB-Y22 that I would like to resolve ASAP. The lights that indicate the charge level no longer light up.


Known issue, multiple people here have run into similar things. @Dane_AUKEY should be able to get you setup. If you have more details you want to get into the ticket, PM him (don’t post any personally identifying information on here).


If users are facing issues submiting issues over Aukey site, then they should email it to Aukey Support

This is not ideal but till the time Aukey resolves these site ticket portal, this should be an acceptable route for issue reporting for Aukey users.



@CK-Techie is correct - for now, if you’re unable to submit a ticket, please send an email to with all of the relevant info (amazon order number, address, email, exact problem etc).

That way, they’ll have all the information they need in order to either offer you technical support, to help resolve the problem, or potentially offer you a replacement in that eventuality. I’ve also let them know about this issue, but please still send them the email.

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble - thanks for dropping us a message here! :pray:

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@Dane_AUKEY I tried everything to get a hold of someone from support. My support ticket doesn’t have the correct parameters or something silly and wrong. And no one at will help me with my issue or at least acknowledge my email to give me an answer. How do I speak to someone? Anyone… through email is fine…

Please send me all of the same information you’d send in the ticket, directly via PM to me, and I’ll share this with customer support directly :+1: