PowerStudio Updates

With the release of the PowerStudio fast approaching, we’ve got more details for you all!

Get in on the action early, and be ready for the launch :rocket:


Excellent, can’t wait to see the final product :+1:

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It appears the site preview isn’t quite right. The powerstudio is small letters, and asdasdasd doesn’t seem like a compelling descriptiong.

But the actual product looks quite compelling, the light blue in the pictures looks pretty good.

Thank you for sharing @Dane_AUKEY

The site is not polished, half baked, with a vague description… May be web design team could spend few hours and fix all these… Presentation can ruin the overall product!!

Looks good but this is a pretty bold statement: “One Single Charge Gives You Backup For A Year”

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@CK-Techie Yes…agreed. But I don’t have much say in that one. I’m sure it’ll be improved over time!

@TahaEng Nice to hear you like it. But yes…the description needs sorting in terms of the site preview. :pray:

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Nice! Been looking to get something like this. Maybe next year or the year after I’m planning on building an overland vehicle so we can do some off grid camping and this will be a great option. Instead of using the car to charge our phones when parked for the night we can use one if these

Will we get a chance to test it?

We hope so! I’ve requested it. :slight_smile:

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That would be wonderful!!

Can PowerStudio 300 be carried over flights during travel or are there any restrictions? @Dane_AUKEY can you please get the answers from your team.

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I would imagine that it at least would have to go into the cargo, not to be carried as hand luggage as the power pack in it would be well over 26800 mAh

Hi @CK-Techie

Its a great question! :slight_smile:

I’ve chatted with the team and they said that unfortunately, under FAA regulations you are not allowed to take any battery exceeding 100Wh on a plane.

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For those that are keen to hear more info about the PowerStudio, it’s release and early-bird deals, please sign up with the link below :slight_smile:

You can also join our dedicated FB group to keep up to date too! :zap:



Whoa! Looks nice!


Head on over to the FB group and receive updates on lanch :smiley: