Powerstrip Deal - 40% Off! ⚡

:zap: Powerup your life with this great offer right now, on our Power Strips!


Nice one :clap:

Looks a good powerstrip, nice deal with 40% off!

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That strip looks good. And a great price even without the discount :+1:t5::muscle:t5:


Nice looking power strip. That’s going on my list when I need another power strip.


I just ordered this power strip from Amazon for my temporary home office yesterday. I wish I had known about this deal. :frowning: At least it’s only about $4 difference but every little bit helps. :man_shrugging:

Yes, that’s a pity - least its a small difference.

We aim to try and share the best info here in the community, so keep checking back regularly for deals or up to date info :slight_smile:

Yeah, no big deal. I just signed up at the community this week and didn’t know there was a deals page until after I had made the order. Like I said, not a big deal, but I know to check here first next time!

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Looks nice. I am currently using the older model of that power strip without USB-C. It’s mounted on my wall, behind the desk and powers everything. Wish mine had the Power Delivery port:

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Nice to see these discounts showing up for these work from home accessories :+1:

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I have that same power strip. 6 ports is more useful in my situation than having three with one of them PD, but having both would be great too. Most people don’t really use a whole bank of USB charging ports, but a big family will do that for you.

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I just got a crazy idea. :nerd_face:
This kind of power strips with AC outlets and USB ports should be made modular.
The half with USB ports should be detachable, allowing users to take it out and use it alone as a multi-port wall charger or to upgrade it with an up-to-date USB-C enabled part.


This is Aukey’s most stylish and best power strip :ok_hand:

May be an upgraded version with USB-C would be awesome!!! Any luck with it?

AUKEY Power Strip Surge Protector, 6 USB Ports and 12 AC Outlets with 5-Foot Heavy Duty Extension Cord


Excellent idea, make the detachable part a 5000mAh powerbank as well

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Thanks for your suggestion. If batteris life cycles can be greatly improved, it will be great to create such a product.

What about a UPS of this look?


I’d be interested in that.

Yeah that one does look the part as well as being functional, definitely another tick box item for the home office :slightly_smiling_face:

Check out the powerstrip deal here for you guys :slight_smile:

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I believe this already exists. Take any power strip. Add a wall charger. Viola. And as a bonus, the wall charger can be moved to any other outlet or power strip…

Sorry if I missed the sarcasm tag on your post. :innocent: