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We like to support you guys in the Community, with the best prices for our products. So, we’ve put together a list of 3 fantastic chargers that will help you stay powered up, wherever you go. :zap: :zap:

Our hugely popular Omnia 63W PD Charger, PA-B3, is now on sale - grab it for 15% less!

Use code - XQWK46AW

PA-Y21, 27W PD Charger is packed into a small, thin compact form to allow you maximum portability. Charge a huge range of devices without sacrificing style. It’s at a super-low price of 55% off whilst stocks last.

Use code - IIUJGKR2

Get our most compact GaN PD charger we have - the PA-Y19 - 30W. Get it for $18.99 instead of $24.99.


These prices are valid until June 7th! So don’t miss out :slight_smile:

Let us know if any of you already own these and if so, what you think about them! :slight_smile:


Good stuff :boom:

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Thanks! Its a nice range of products :smiley:


Aren’t the first and the last the same? Am I missing something? Actually, I wonder whether the Amazon links are incorrect as they both point to PA-Y21 and neither code works for me.

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Any sales in UK?
And any GAN products on sale?

I was wondering the same thing. The first and last one seem to be the same product.

Yes, we’re working on UK products :slight_smile: We shared some last week, Amazon Discounts | May | UK :uk:

You’re right, the URL was a mistake - this has now been fixed :slight_smile:

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Awesome range of power product sale!!

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Great discounts! Thanks

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Our pleasure! They’re brilliant products :smiley:

Just one day left to grab these power products at their reduced price! :zap: