Power Delivery Charger Deals on Amazon

There are a lot of active coupons on Amazon for some of the newer Power Delivery wall chargers, take advantage of these!

PA-D5 (63W) - 30% off

PA-D3 (60W) - 15% off

PA-D2 (36W) - 20% off

PA-Y18 (18W) - 20% off

There are even some additional savings on some with an Amazon Prime membership


@MrRobot Thanks for the heads up on these deals…

That’s a great share! I love the PA-D3, it goes with me everywhere. :electric_plug:

I also wanted to put out there, if either anyone is bad at Math (this guy :smiley:) or wants to see actual prices, AndroidAuthority.com posted links from their page to Amazon.com as well, showing the actual cost and how much you will save.

A word of warning, they are getting a commission if you click any of their links. If that bothers you, DEFINITELY click the links above and not theirs. I was only pointing out their site to make it easy to see the savings in an simpler format.

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It looks like the percentages have changed since I originally posted, that would be why the math is now incorrect.


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No problem, @MrRobot! We gotta look out for each other! :smiley: :+1:

You got it, I appreciate it! I didn’t realize until you said something

The right way to post deals is to only include the URL portion of the product like this below:

Example: PA-Y18 (18W)


If there is some party getting any commission or if there if these are affiliate links, then these need to be mentioned on the Post “This is an affiliate link, and commission may be collected for the sale or purchase occurring from these links” :+1:

Its always good to keep things clear and transparent from the get-go.


That is why I mentioned it my reply, @CK-Techie. I wanted everyone to be aware that there were affiliate links on their site. But thanks for the tip for us. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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I never thought about commission when posting deals but, hey… If the price is good everybody wins anyway

Yep. The only thing I will occasionally leave on there is the smile.amazon.com - that way if the person clicking through has a charity setup for that, it goes there automatically.