Podcasts - What do you listen to?

I’m a big fan of Podcasts, and I love listening to them with my TWS earbuds - so it got me thinking.

Do you like podcasts? What kind of podcasts do you listen to - are they mainly for work purposes, leisure, learning or something else?

Any good podcast recommendations - please do share!

My recommendations:

  1. Serial (old, but good)
  2. This American Life
  3. Ted Talks Technology


If you’re in to tech then MKBHD’s podcast is cool to

I don’t really listen to Podcasts. I’ve listen to health and fitness ones, some tech. But I don’t remember the names. Occasionally, I listen to Joe Rogan podcast when he’s got some a guest speaker I like.

Joe Rogan is good occasionally. Scott Adams can be entertaining. I don’t listen to any regular podcasts because I haven’t found any I like consistently enough.

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@TahaEng Yeah, you make a good point. They can be a little inconsistent - but I like checking out the content first to see what they’re going to talk about.

@graphicflowyt I haven’t actually checked it out - great idea, shall get onto that :headphones:

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