Please reintroduce desktop chargers

Greetings! I notice that you don’t carry desktop chargers anymore, which is a big shame - for me, at least.

I am currently using your PA-Y12 desktop charger, and I am extremely happy with it - it’s properly made, has excellent safety functions, and it’s light and compact for its 72 watts of output. Also, I have never had PD compatibility issues with it - it’s worked perfectly with every device; headphones, phones and laptops from different vendors, also ones that are known to be finicky in this regard.

So why is a compact desktop charger with a 2-pole mains practical for travel as compared to a wall charger?

  1. There is no bulk to be accommodated at the mains socket. If the mains socket is situated, let’s say, in a channel underneath a desk, it will usually be impractical and many times impossible to fit a wall charger, even if it is compact.

  2. You can have a long, but slim 2-pole mains cable that will deliver - in this context - unlimited amounts of power to the charger, being at mains voltage. The USB cables - which will carry 5 to 20 volts, and thus require increased conductor area to deliver more power, generally become beefy, stiff and rather expensive for long runs.

In my experience, travelling a lot for my work, I strongly prefer having a longer and more easily insertable 2-pole mains, and shorter USB cables. That’s usually preferrable whether in an office, a hotel or indeed a friend’s house.

In contrast to the pictures accompanying the nice new series of wall charges, the mains socket is almost never within hand’s reach - and if it is, I still find that I need a good total length of cable to route it properly under the desk, for example.

So, I’m very pleased with my PA-Y12, but I wish you would continue to offer desktop chargers for the reasons stated above. In fact, I was visiting your site with the intention of buying more of your stuff, being properly engineered and at the very top of the heap quality- and technology-wise. But I really do want a desktop charger… :slight_smile:


Hey katode

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For the type of charger you want, I kinda doubt there is much available as after market products altogether, I would say it is to small a market covered mainly by OEMs to begin with.
Would the Aukey 100w not suit what you need?


Thanks for the reply and the suggestion! :slight_smile:

There are several such products - the Anker Atom PD 4, and indeed my Aukey PA-Y12. In fact, Aukey used to offer four such desktop charges until recently, among them the PA-Y12. And I must admit I am a fan, otherwise I would never bother to make a fuss about it. :slight_smile:

The piece in the article looks nice indeed - it seems to be a wall charger, though, and not with a 2-pole mains cable. It would probably satisfy my first point, being incredibly compact, but the second point remains problematic - i.e. the need for long and inefficient USB cables with a wall charger.

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First of all, welcome to the Community. It’s brilliant to have you here.

It’s even more amazing that you love our products and wish for us to continue certain lines.

As @JSH1973 pointed out, some product lines do get slowly withdrawn from production due to other products superceding it but I can possibly ask to see if we have more stock of the one you have now?

Or do you simply mean you’d like us to continue investing in this product line. :grin:


How about one of these below, maybe combined with a 5 or 6ft usb cable, my 6 ft usb-c doesn’t loose any charging power because of the lenght.
I know it is not a charger but combined with the 100w you would be well covered

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I like those as well, not sure why they have moved away from them as much as they have. @JSH1973 suggested that power strip, which looks really nice if you need all of that outlet capacity.

And you can use a normal extension cord to go from the wall to a USB charger located on your desk. I sometimes carry one while travelling for this reason - two outlets, one for my laptop and one for my USB charger, which can then both be easily accessible on the desk.

Of course, your suggestion makes even more sense when your USB-C PD charger is charging both your phone and your laptop. Then you would just need one lightweight cable to run under the desk to charge both.

My PA-T11 is a fantastic travel charger that I take when we go on family road trips - it sits on top of a table or dresser with short cords so everyone can easily charge their phones. I agree that this continues to be a good niche.

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An extension lead with 3/4 outlets and 3/4 usb ports is a great thing for when staying in hotels, especially if you’re travelling 2 people

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Thanks, @Dane_AUKEY - yes, I was hoping you would continue to offer desktop chargers such as the one I have, and with the new technology. I can always find a second PA-Y12 on Amazon (at least for the time being), but thanks for offering to check.

JSH1973 - thanks again for suggesting - that unit is a bit too bulky, though, as I don’t need the extra mains outlets, and typically carry my charger with me in my backpack the whole day, every day. The cool thing with the PA-Y12 is that it’s universal - I can charge all my stuff, even at the same time, and it doesn’t matter if the outlet is not within my immediate reach.

@TahaEng: You see my point exactly. :slight_smile: I really like the concept of the PA-Y12 - or indeed your PA-T11 -with the slim 2-pole mains and the short USB cables. It also trumps using an extension cord, which brings bulk both on the USB charger and the socket on the extension cord itself.

In any case, thanks to all for the interest and feedback, and I would love to see an updated PA-Y12 from Aukey, as there is so much inferior and even dangerous stuff on the market these days. Of course, I don’t expect Aukey to make one just for me, but at least I’ve posed my interest and opinion. :slight_smile:


Absolutely. That’s the reason for the Community, to hear from customers like you, tell us what you want and how we can continue to serve your needs :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for reaching out to us!

We hope to see you continue to use the community :smiley:

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This is almost exactly what I was just asking for in the “New Product Suggestion” thread. A longer and slimmer charger with a detachable 2-mains cord on one end and 2 USB-C ports on the other end. It would work far better for desks with a cable channel, it’s much less bulky in small laptop bags, and it takes up less room near the outlet.

Something like this (but without the permanently attached cable): this

Another example of how small these can be:


@katode @petew

Good news, guys! I’ve just had a chat with our Product development team, and there is an updated version in the pipeline. Something should be out later this summer :shushing_face:


Hey, talk about result :+1:


Cool! I’ll be looking out for it, and if it’s not too bulky, I’ll buy one for sure! :+1: :smiley:

I got myself a PA-D4 in the meanwhile to allow the bigger unit to stay at the office, and predictably spent some time finding a properly constructed and long enough USB cable to carry the wattage. It’s also a very nice unit, compact, light and stays cool.

When and if a new desktop version arrives, the D4 can replace lesser chargers that are still in use around the house. I really appreciate the engineering and safety measures on these chargers.

@JSH1973 - Yes, it’s great, isn’t it.


Certainly! Glad the PA-D4 is doing the job for you :smiley: