PC LM3 webcam focus issue

I recently purchased the PC LM3 webcam. After unboxing, i plugged it in. My computer recognized it right away and all was good. A few days later, i launched my webcam program and the camera will not focus on me while I’m sitting at my desk. Upon initial power up, it will focus on me and then it re-focuses and all is a blur. Thanks in advance.

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Sorry to hear that. Please contact our CS specialist @Kelly_AUKEY for further support.

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This same issue is happening for me. No auto-focus at all on this camera.


I have the same issue. No focus on me. Do you have any solution?


I just purchased the Aukey PC LM3 and the camera is out of focus. It focused at first and within 5 minutes, it became blurry and out of focus.

How do I fix???

Sam, did you get your video camera to focus again? Mine is having the same problem.

Same problem here, it is refocusing every few seconds

CS specialist @Kelly_AUKEY , my PC-LM3 is having the same focus issue as others have described. The camera is only 3 weeks old and this just started today. Any help please to get focus working again?

I am now also having this issue. I contacted technical support. How do we reach CS specialist @Kelly_AUKEY to help resolve this?

Dear All, I have the same issue. I just bought the PC LM* webcam and … it is super blurry, impossible to work with it. I am very disappointed and I have to reconnect my older Logitech webcam from the 2000s. Please propose me a solution. Thank you

I just purchased the PC LM3 webam. I have the same focus issue discribed by the others. your help is welcomed.

Same problem. I bought two thinking it was an isolated defect, but the second also behaves the same.

The problem is that in lower light and / or artificial light, it fails to focus, leaving the focus about 3 cm from the lens.

Same problem, as soon as the webcam is connected it focuses on the closest position and remains there, unusable.