PC-LM3 Webcam focus and visual glitch

Hi, I recently bought the Aukey PC-LM3 Webcam and noticed when opening any program which can use the webcam it is fine at first, but then everything gets blurred out and the camera focuses on things that are very close to it (a few centimeters, I tried holding my hand closer and it focused on my fingers when they were this close). Also, there seem to be visual glitches (screen blinks green) not only on my end, but also on other people’s screens. I tried updating the drivers, but windows said I already had the newest ones. Any way to solve this?
EDIT: Actually by bringing the fingers close and then slowly returning them back to me brought the focus on my face, but then it would just quickly focus back on the 2cm in front of it again…


Hi @Jason

Sounds like it may be faulty, but I’m not 100% as it’s a relatively new product. Please send us an email for further support. The team may have troubleshooting methods or a replacement.


Alright, I’ll give it a go, thank you.

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A bit unrelated question but have you by any chance tried this webcam with a Chromebook?
Just curious to see if it will work with one.

Was support able to help you? I’m having the same issue with my PC-LM1. Can confirm it’s also a problem in Discord and Zoom.

I’m having this same issue. It also happens with Google Hangouts. Is there a solution to this?

I just got the PM-LC3 today-exact same problem-in focus for a fraction of a second, then it shifts to out of focus and is only in focus if fingers help very close. I also could not use support website-it would not take my message with or without a picture. Cropped the picture to be less than 2 MB, tried png and then changed it to jpeg-just get ‘confirm failure’ each time I try to send an email. I can’t even complain or get advice from support. Robot-please give me a phone number for support. You have not solved this problem for any of the people in the last 17 days.

Hi @kathy1v

I’m not a robot :slight_smile:

Second, I’m not part of the support team. I can ferry messages across and ask for clarification of issues but when it comes to something technical like this, we use the support system. Currently, it’s not operating correctly, so that is why I’m telling people to email our support team directly.

Please do the same. Sorry I can’t be of more help :pray:

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Thank you for your reply, Dane. However, I was unable to make support@aukey.com show up in either Google or Dogpile. I tried multiple times and only test.aukey.com/support shows up. That one isn’t secure and I didn’t trust it. It was only when I clicked inside the dialog box that that web address seemed to work. All web addresses should work on most browsers.

My question now is if you can ask for clarification and ferry messages, why can’t you ask them directly what their response it to this issue so that you have an answer to be published here?

There should be more than one way to reach a company-a phone number with real people would help when websites don’t work. I now see a number of complaints about a lack of service. If there is no useful solution in 2 days I will be returning the product and permanently dropping the company.

This same issue is happening for me. No auto-focus at all on this camera.

Same problem with a new camera I received yesterday from Amazon. Any thoughts before I return this thing?

+1 on this problem. @Kelly_AUKEY Is there a fix?

Hello, after using the PC-LM3 for +3 weeks without any problems the same problem occurred to me yesterday.
I can see here I am not the only one with this issue. But where is the fix? I cannot find any comment talking about the fix. Where do I need to look up? Please advise.

I have the same problem.
What I have to do?

Is support@mail.aukey.com a legitimate email for Aukey support?


I have been having the same issue and I may have found the fix! Please note that I use windows.

I found that just plugging the camera in via USB it is trying to push 3.7MP with a resolution of 2560x1440.

I changed this to 2.1MP with a resolution of 1920x1080, and it instantly refocuses and the stream quality is significantly better.

I used the following steps to do this:

  1. Click on “Start,” search for “Camera,” and open the program.
  2. Once the program is open, click on the gear icon in the top-left corner
  3. Once the “Settings” menu is open, look under “Photos”
  4. You should see “Photo Quality,” click on that to change your selection.

Hope this helps! If it does, spread the word!