PC-LM1E Audio Microphone Drops Out

In the first few days of using this as my webcam the micrphone just stops working. If mid conference I switch back and forth to the built in mic in laptop then it may come back. Sometimes it just doesn’t work at all.
I’m using Windows 10 so its bound to be a MS issue !!! Anybody had this and sorted it ?

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You need to contact support@aukey.com
This forum is under Reconstruction I think :slight_smile:

Not too happy to hear this. I just got my unit today… to replace an Amcrest unit that whose mic would die randomly so that when I started meetings my mic was dead and only a reboot would fix it.

Early days yet on my experience with this webcam but audio aside, if they can’t fix the flicker, it’s going back and the search for a decent webcam under $100 will continue.

My video was fine but just like you, the mic was in and out. Its not the device its Windows, I’m convinced of it. I had exactly the same problem with my previous new webcam. So I thought it was faulty, it wasn’t, its Windows 10 and its shitty drivers