PB-Y3 charging flaw?

I have the PB-Y3 power bank. I ordered one last June. I found that it wasn’t charging my phone enough times as I wanted. Then, AUKEY sent me another one.

Now with the new one, I noticed that when I charge my power bank with only the USB C or Micro USB it glows green. But once I plug both C/Micro It lights up as white? Is this a flaw?

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Hi @andyluna

Thanks for your question. I’ve never seen this happen before, but this could be due to an update in the model.

I’ll be asking my colleagues about it. @Simon_AUKEY

Bare with us to get back to you with an answer. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! It was an issue with the first one. Maybe a flaw with the circuitry?

I see. Then that’s possible. I’ll let you know what they say :slight_smile:

Now I spotted another issue. I just disconnected the battery from a full charge. And the light doesn’t stop pulsing

Just confirmed with our dev team that it’s designed this way. When the battery pack is being recharged over 70%, the LED indicator will start pulsing white.


Oh, so even though once the light pulses white while charging, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fully charged? I remember the manual saying that.

Yes, you are right.

Alright, but probably revise the manual. Thanks for the answers!

Thanks for pointing that out. We’ll certainly have this updated asap! :pray:

So now, How do I know that the Power Bank is actually fully charged given these circumstances? Maybe the circuitry on the Power bank has to be revised

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Our dev team will check internally to see if anything’s wrong with PB-Y3.

Does it not go solid white or something when fully charged?

That was my question, because the manual says that once the power bank is fully charged, the light is white. However, @Simon_AUKEY confirmed that even if it is white, it doesn’t mean it’s fully charged. The white light isn’t solid, it pulses.

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Well, the white light should by default stop pulsing after a full recharge.

IDK, I’ve left it a whole day, and it doesn’t stop pulsing.

Is it affecting your charging ability?

No, I found that it charges my phone 5-6 times (2016 Pixel XL). It’s just I’m not sure when the pack is actually fully charged. How long does a full recharge take?