PB-XD20 - Out of the box not working

Out of the box 4 lights indicators are on (steady) when plugged.
Out of plug all lights go off and does not charge.
While plugged in delivers pass-thru power.
Not a good start…

There’s always a possibility for tech products to have a several products out of a large run of products produced to arrive DOA. I’ve purchased products from ASUS and Sony and had DOA tech before. For me, I returned them and got new products that work fine. I’ve never had any issues with Aukey Products. I’ve worked with support in the past when I had some questions about product and they were helpful I’d contact Aukey Support. They may not get back to you for a couple of days (its the weekend) but they can help you with your issues and good at what they do. They will walk you through a few steps to try to get it working. It could just need a reset.

Couple of quick questions…Support will probably ask you these questions.

what are you using to charge the power bank? Have you tried any other USB cables?

These powerbanks do need a lot of power to charge up and if you aren’t using the right type of wall charger it may not charge your device or charge so slow it that takes forever to charge.

I have tried a couple of cables, charges and items to charge. Nothing worked.

Also waited for some while charging both in low and higher speed USB ports.

When charging seems to start the process by flashing the first and the next lights, but turns immediately full lights (indicating that is charged). However, by unplugging goes off. Pushing the button or connecting a device nothing happens. The only way it charges is by bypassing the power when plugged in.

I have contacted the shop to change or return the device.

I guess this thing may happen from time to time…