PB-WL02 | Basix Pro Wireless Charging Power Bank 10000mAh

Product Details

  • Wireless Charging Stand: Conveniently charge your Qi-compatible devices at up to 10W without connecting a cable (supports 5W, 7.5W, and 10W wireless output levels). The dual-leg stand provides stable hands-free phone viewing
  • Dual Fast Charging Outputs: Power Delivery 3.0 output and Quick Charge 3.0 output combine to deliver an optimized charge to your devices at up to 18W. Fast charge the iPhone 11 Pro up to 50% in just 30 minutes with the PD output
  • 10000mAh Capacity: Fully charge your iPhone 11 Pro 2.6 times, iPad Air (2019) 0.9 times, or Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 1.8 times. Recharge the power bank in just 3.5 hours with an 18W PD charger
  • Handy LED Indicators: The LED battery level indicator shows battery level and charging status at a glance. A dedicated wireless charging indicator ensures correct wireless charging and shows when wireless fast charging is active

Stock will be available soon :slight_smile:


That’s pretty cool. Too bad I don’t use wireless charging. :frowning:

Still a useful powerbank without the wireless feature :slight_smile: Plus, who knows you may get a Qi-wireless charging enabled device sooner or later!

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True, but I’m old fashioned. I don’t mind plugging in my devices since they charge faster and if my son or dogs accidentally bump them they wont fall off the charger. Besides, I already have 2 power banks, one 20,000 mAh, and one 10,000 mAh. At this point, I’d be interested in another one that can charge via Lightning so that my wife would use it and actually keep it charged (I’m not willing to part with my 20,000 Aukey USB-C/micro-USB/Lightning chargeable battery).

I would have preferred 15W wireless charging but I’ll still get one of these.
Perfect, a combined night stand and powerbank

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Interesting looking product

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Agreed, I think its nice.

Is there any indication of what the price will be in Europe?

This wireless powerbank looks pretty cool… Any chance to get this for testing event :blush: @Dane_AUKEY

I have some intensive testing planned!! (:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:)

Definitely looks like a nice, thin powerbank. Is there a limit to each PD or QC outputs, or is it 18W, even if you just use one of the ports?

@JSH1973 Unsure of the price at the moment - i’ll ask and find out :slight_smile:

@CK-Techie Certainly, any new product i’ll try and get my hands on a few test units for you all to play with!

@SHORT_SxIT Usually it’s either max for one port when it’s only in use, and then split equally when both are in use, or even a 70/30 split such as the previous PD range we have (PA-D1 to PA-D5). I’ll ask and check though, good question! :zap:

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Thank you @Dane_AUKEY

Hi, Dane!

I’m new to the board, but if you wanna throw a test unit or two this way, I wouldn’t complain :slight_smile:

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Ha. Well, if you’ve submitted your plan we’ll see what we can do :smiley:

Sorry, I just joined two days ago, so I’m still unfamiliar. What do I need to do?


I’m not sure what you mean. The community is a place to share ideas, talk with others, find new product updates as well as testing. For product testing, there is a google form that needs filling out :slight_smile:

Testing Round 6 | Wireless Earbuds EP-B56

Oh, okay. I’ll have to take a look for the form. Thanks, again!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

What’s the price of this product? Also, is it going to be available on Amazon Canada?

Do you know when it will be available to purchase in Canada? (the amazon link you posted doesnt show any buying options)