PB-N73 Dead- Won't charge up or charge a device

Bought a PB-N73 from Amazon just under a month ago. Used it once to charge my iPhone and today I tried to charge my iPad. Nothing happened and now the PB is dead. It won’t charge, no lights when I try to charge it or when I connect it to a device. I have tried charging the PB through both the micro USB and C ports and also charging a device through the regular USB and the C ports. Unable to get support through the website as it keeps saying the Network isn’t stable and it gets stuck there.

Sorry your having issues with your device. I’m not familiar with your device and can’t help. But depending on when you contacted support they may not be in the office or having delayed contact. I can’t find their support hours of operation but many of these smaller tech firms are not 24/7 and they do not work weekends. They also may be running limited staff.

Maybe @Admin_AUKEY can help you out.