PB-C4 car jump start

Hi, I have the above car jump start device, when plugged in it gives out a a high pitch sound and the green and red lights flash, when i reset it , it lasts for a second and reverts to the fault

Hi @Albaman

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this problem. Certainly sounds strange. @Kelly_AUKEY and @Simon_AUKEY can help to address this.

Please bare with us to get Customer Support to reply. :pray:

I have the same charger, mine is still going fine. But I have had other charger packs that fail like that - given the age of the model, my first guess would be that one or more of the Lithium cells has gone bad (voltage dropped too low and either reversed polarity or just not responsive). At that point the whole battery pack will fault and not charge for safety reasons - if the battery pack is not balanced, it will self discharge through the bad cell and could explode or start a fire.

Unfortunately, the only fix I know of is a replacement.