PB C11 jump start

I’ve had this several years (I think it’s been discontinued), and I have used it successfully in the past on my Cadillac XLR (with a 4.2L V8). Over the past couple of months, however, I tried using it twice–on a Lincoln (4.6L V8) and a Chevy Sonic (1.4L L4). In both cases–with the unit showing 75%–I connected it, my friend turned the key, and nothing happened except the blue lights went off. I then did a conventional jump with my car, which worked fine. Do I need to wait a minute after connecting the jumper? Is there something else I need to do to get it to work? What if I connect the black clamp to a metal part (as you when you are using your own to jump start another car)?

Thanks in advance

When you say you have had it several years then I’m kinda thinking that it has probably collapsed and died on you, those jump starters need to be maintained on a fairly strict charging schedule to last more than 2-3 years as far as I know.

Mine is the same age, and generally works fine if the battery is a little low (9-10 volts). But if I let it get down to 6V, it just doesn’t give the power needed to overcome that - in that case, I will usually have to hook it up to another running car, let it run for a few minutes to charge the battery up some, and then jump start.

Not driving much for the last month or two has given me several occasions to test that out. And that has consistently been my experience - it works after a week of not moving the car, but not after 2+. And one of my car batteries needs to be replaced soon no matter what, it just doesn’t hold a charge well.

I will say that if you hook it all up to the battery and hit the power button, then leave it for 5 minutes it will basically charge your battery up some. Then trying to start it sometimes works - but check the voltage, if you are connected to the battery and the reading at the terminals is still below 10-11V, most cars won’t start.


Great advice by @TahaEng

I’ll ask our CS team, but I imagine his experience is likely going to be your best advice @adambravo :slight_smile:

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Actually, I misspoke; I bought it less than two years ago. I would think if it was dying/dead the blue lights wouldn’t be illuminating.

When I last used it successfully, it was on a battery that had died over the winter in storage. I can’t recall if I let the charger sit for about 5min before trying charging, but that might be it.

Yeah if less than two years old then it’s probably fine and it’s battery that you are trying to resurrect that’s to fubared

It is possible for something to have failed in the jump start circuitry that gives you 12V and high current (vs the 5V that charges a phone, or that recharges the battery). And the battery itself would still be functional to turn on lights and communicate until it is under a heavy load.

It is also normal for the blue lights to go off after a period of time. I have never watched them while trying to jump start the car though, I am usually behind the steering wheel at that point.

I would try a few things:
Will it charge a phone over the USB port? - If yes, the battery is still working on some level, if no it is just not holding a charge.
Check the voltage (DC, should be 12V or less) on your battery. When it is low (down to at least 11V, ideally lower for a good test; a fully charged battery should be 12V), hook up the jump starter, make sure it is on, and check that voltage again. If it has gone up noticeably, the jump starter is providing power to the battery. Wait a few minutes, check it again and see if it has risen further - if it tops out at something below 10V, then it is working but not able to provide enough power to jump start the car, and is effectively dead as a jump starter.

Unfortunately, Aukey seems to have discontinued making car jump starters. It is a limited market space I think. And this model was discontinued over 2 years ago I believe, so yours is at least that old - I got mine in 2016.