Pairing troubleshooting with AUKEY EP-T32


I bought the Aukey AUKEY EP-T32 earphones, but I can’t seem to use both at the same time, looks like they don’t connect together.

When i take the earbud out of the case, both led blink white and on my phone i see “Aukey EP-T32 L” and “Aukey EP-T32 R” .

When I connect with one or the other, I hear my music in the one I connected to, but not in the other

Am I doing something wrong ? What is the correct method for the earbud to sync together ?

Thanks in adv


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I’m having this exact same problem. I’ve reset multiple times and still not working together. I’ve emailed support a couple of days ago and left a question on the Amazon ad. Any resolution?

Same issue only 1 side works at a time. Both show synced on my iPhone but only 1side works.

Same here. Sometimes they sync together, sometimes not. Why don’t they use the same pairing system of Ep-N5 that is rock solid ?! EP-N5 sounds way better too. Why don’t put in the same speakers in EP-T32? Thank you.