PA-B7 charger almost coming?

I saw this on AUKEYs IG story. Does that mean that the new PA-B7 charger is coming out soon? Can’t wait to buy one!

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I’ll take one of each please :sunglasses:


I concur. These would certainly come in handy :thinking:

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And what about PA-B6? I haven’t seen any images of that - maybe they are no longer planning PA-B6 and only offering PA-B7?

I was thinking this can be the one I carry with me when at school, or out and about. Then, the PA-B3 I have, can replace the PA-U32 adapter that I have in my room.

I’ll have to check with my colleagues. I know there were delays, but it could be that they’ll be out in July. I’ll let you know :smiley:

Any word on PA-B7? I know Aukey announced the PA-B6 charger on IG. But hasn’t announced release date for PA-B6.

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Both are coming very soon! :slight_smile:

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Hemmm…how soon is “very soon”?

Hemmm…any news?