Omnia Wall Chargers - They're Coming

This lil beaut, is part of our brand new Omnia range of wall chargers that we announced at CES last month.

Outputting up to 65W, in a beautiful, compact form, you’ll surely make your friends or colleagues jealous with this mighty charger, powering your devices.

Other than white and black, what other colors do you think we should do for this?


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White and black are the standard for chargers really. Only other color I would possibly buy would be a blue color.

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I would probably stick with the black. I’m a no-frills type of person when it comes to my electronics.

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Nice input guys!

@Jtsville Blue, is an interesting idea - what kind of blue? Sky blue? Electric blue? Navy? :thinking:

Probably electric or navy.

White often starts looking dirty so I would probably go for black myself.
It probably is a good idea to just stick with black and white to keep production costs down, once you start going blue/yellow/red/pink you also end up needing to have bigger stock.
Besides that, if I had to pick a colour, then a kinda electric/plasma blue

Maybe you should do a throwback color - beige. Kidding, of course.

Black tends to be my goto, and white is a close second. Silver or dark grey (titanium grey) are the two other “standard” electronics colors, and either would look good here I am sure. But probably not worth the extra cost and confusion to stock more colors. Primary colors (blue, red, green, etc) are nice but probably too niche to be worth while even though they might get a few people excited.

Maybe a blue or a grey? Orange would be awesome to stick out but might be a bit too bright

White is nice but I prefer the Black with orange accents.

The midnight green that is on iphones would be nice. Could try and appeal to those that like matching accessories.

Some nice additions guys, I do like metallic colours on certain products but for sure, white and black are easy go to’s.

The midnight green option sounds pretty interesting, could work quite nicely - not too bold and in your face, yet something different to get excited about. Nice suggestion @Monkee

Maybe just consider coloured stickers that people can put on themselves, that way you could have many different colours to choose from without much production cost.

Like that idea. What about a skin/wrap which comes with different colours. The consumers can change up the look whenever

I would go with ANTHRACITE or PEWTER body and housing orange highlights on ports remain as well as the slate colored pots trim and a carbon black trim around the outline of the face of the charger and orange operation light and Anker isle in matching orange to ports Perfect let me know when and where to send the invoice

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Like it. I’d love to see something like this myself, if there’s plenty of demand then we may well see it! :slight_smile: