Omnia PA-B4 Review

I know I may a bit late, but decided that I want to give a small review on PA-B4.

Last Saturday, I recieved my PA-B4 Wall charger. This charger now accompanies my PA-B3. I bought this power adapter as my fast charger for travel (School, abroad, library, etc…). I love the small form factor, it is very versatile and can practically carry in your pocket. This is much better that carrying a clunk laptop charger which is clunky and get tangled often times. This is why GaN technology is a big deal. I use it with my HP Spectre X360 (late-2019) laptop. I usually can fully charge my laptop in about 2 hours. One minor things that I have noticed is that it will spark up when plugging into an outlet. Other than that, I love these chargers. Definitely recommend.

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Nice little review. Does the sparking only happen with this one charger?

No, it also does with the PA-B3.

Thanks for sharing the brief review :slight_smile: