Omnia PA-B3 Impressions(Mini Review)

When Aukey announced the Omnia series power adapters, it opened my eyes as to how Galium Nitride(GaN) is going to change the game. We all can agree that Laptop chargers that come with laptops are often clunky and spacious. The Omnia Charger isn’t much bigger than the old PA-U32 power adapter I have. It does have some heft on it, but that is not a bad thing. Definitely does not feel cheap at all.

The most refreshing part: literally, I can charge my laptop with it and not have to use a fussy laptop charger.

These photos demonstrate the how compact the charger is. I have my MetroCard, PA-U32, and HP power adapter to compare:

I’ve been using the Omnia 65W PA-B3 charger for a few days. I primarily use to charge my HP Spectre X360(Late 2019), and my Pixel XL phone. I literally took my USB C power adapter, (also 65W) that came with my laptop and left it in the box that the laptop came in. Trivially, I’d use the Omnia charger over the HP power adapter because it is literally smaller that the include adapter can provide the same charge output. For my laptop, it takes about 2 hours from about 6% to 100%. For the Pixel XL, a full charge also takes about 2 hours using the USB A and C ports , However, I wish the USB-A port could charge at a higher rate.

I haven’t had this charger for a long time, but I can definitely say I am not returning it. At the end of the day, this is a power adapter, the only thing i need is for it to charge up my devices and it does. Now, I am waiting for the upcoming PA-B7 charger, I am definitely looking to buy that. I know there will be a good deal on it too. :slightly_smiling_face:

-Small, Slim profile
-Fast charging

-Wish the USB A port can output at a higher rate.

Disclaimer: Not sponsored, I purchased this myself and I am writing an impartial review based on my experience.


Nice review

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Nice review! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

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Nice! You highlighted some good points to consider. Thanks for sharing :blush:

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Good made review and great photos.
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Thanks everyone, my pleasure. Look forward to provide more of these type of reviews in the future.

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