Omnia Nano 20W Launches! 🚀

We’re always working hard at developing products that cause a stir in the market, and our brand new Omnia Nano is just that. It’s super small compact form will allow you to enjoy fast-charging, wherever you go.

At just 33g, you’ll barely notice it in your pocket or bag!

Check out the link below for more info :smiley:

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Nice one at only 33g and perfect launch time with the iPhone coming with no charger in the box and 20w charging ability.
I would love to see a 25w option that small since that’s what my Galaxy Note can take.

Super light! Love it.

25W would be nice. Maybe the next generation will have that :slight_smile:

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When can we buy it?

Does the Omnia Minima 20W use GaN technology?