Omnia Mix 4: Multi-Task Master

The Multi-Task King Has Arrived!

Introducing, the Omnia Mix 4 (PA-B7). With 4 powerful ports, you’ll be ready for any task - on your tablet, laptop or phone.

For more details, check out the link below!

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Can this be the next testable product???

I’ll see what stock we have - unsure if there’s a lot in the States at the moment. Will have to see :slight_smile:

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That would be great! I have a 2020 Macbook Pro 16" ready for this :smiley:

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That’s exactly what I want to use it for. Also, It’d be nice to not have to keep a separate charger for my phone. This looks to be the perfect travel adapter.

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Yes! Finally!

Nice, we have been waiting a bit for this one so great to see it :grin:

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Now you guys can :smiley:

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Got it on Saturday!

Woop! Any chance of a lil review? :slight_smile:

Perhaps in the coming days. I’ll post a little review.

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@Dane Any chance that this will be available for testing soon? I’m getting pretty close to buying this with my own cash…

Why are the USB-C ports in this one split 45/45 but for the Mix 3 they are split 60/30? I’d think a 60/30 split makes more sense in general given that many people buy these specifically for a laptop. While most MacBooks can probably charge just fine at 45W, 60W is a nice boost especially for the 15" or 16" MBPs that can drain more power during use. 45W is just too slow for them unless you’re sitting there for hours.

The more I think about it a 3 port (USB-C) 90W or 100W would be the most ideal.

  • 1 port: 90W
  • 2 ports: 60W + 30W
  • 3 ports: 60W + 15W + 15W (or is 18W possible?)

Would make most sense for a laptop + peripherals setup. Could charge a laptop, iPad, phone comfortably. Plus, avoiding USB A cables and dongles would also help simplify the accessories I need to carry.

Edit: As for this product, even the 60/30/12/12 would have been more ideal. I’m just opposed to the 45/45 split in general.

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I like where your thoughts are here. I would find your suggestion, or something similar, to be far more useful than this version.

45w just isn’t enough for my laptop. It will charge at 65w, under protest. But really wants 90w or more.

Nice idea! I think it’s great. I’ve shared this with our technical team but I agree. I think if its going to be used for a big energy need, such as Laptops, then it’s certainly a better way to handle it.

Any info on if and when the PA-B7 is coming to Europe / Germany?