Omnia Duo - White or Black?

We’ve asked about color choices before - but I’d love to see which wins on our Community vote.

Are you team white or black?

  • White
  • Black

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Well, at least there is one thing we can all agree on (so far).


I think most my chargers and gadgets are black, so keeping it simple haha

I do like the white but just had to vote for black because no matter what, the white WILL end up looking manky over time no matter how much you try keeping it looking new and clean :slightly_smiling_face:

I like the black color much since if there are scratches, those don’t show up / are hidden… while the white color shows the scratches clearly… plus white color goes pale yellow with years of use :yellow_circle:

Good point. I like the white more, but wear and tear etc as you say, means it looks worse over time.

You could of course always make replacement protective skins that people could purchase, like we discussed in another thread.
Maybe just 1 spare plain extra skin in the box or an included voucher to get one of your own choice/design/colour for the price of postage.

Yeah that’s a nice idea - I know this has been floated before, by yourself and others. @Simon_AUKEY maybe this is of interest to you :smiley:

A transparent charger would be really cool :sunglasses:
EDIT - actually make it with a cool blue led as well :grin:

I like the black version better, white can get dirty in my opinion. But I think it also needs to match the cable. Just me but I don’t like using a white charger with a black cable, or vise versa.

Yeah, that’s a good point. White cable + white charger - always.

All Tech should be Black. Never liked white colored gadgets. White doesn’t stay white either. Black does.

Really, it should be a matte brown grey or something if you want it to stay one color. Glossy black becomes dusty quite quickly in my house, and I can’t say I keep up on the dusting.

Well, good thing almost all Aukey tech is Matte Black.

When I say Black, it’s matte Black. Not fingerprint gloss black.

Yeah, never been a fan of glossy black gadgets… Dirty fingerprints :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Love both, but I’m a black fan too.

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