Omnia Duo 65W PA-B4 question

Hello I ve got a question about the Dual USB C feature.

I’d like to charge my Mac Book Pro and either my iPhone or my Ipad Air with this charger.
I ve got an Aukey USB C to Lightning MFi cable and the Apple USB C to USB C cable.

If I only use the laptop port on the charger, the Mac book pro gets all 65W like intended.
If I put the lightning cable into the second port (without plugging neither the ipad nor the iphone on the other side of the cable) the Aukey charger auto rebalance to 45W/18W.

Can you help me understand why it’s doing that ? I’m planning on leaving the lightning cable plugged in on the Aukey charger but if I can’t have my full 65w while not charging another device, it’s a real bummer for me

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Well obviously that’s what it is designed to do, unplug the cable and problem solved :slightly_smiling_face:

Design to reserve power while there is no device plugged in ??
Seems like poor thinking to me. How can it detect the required power for the device to charge ?

I would imagine it being some kind of safety feature that if two cables are plugged in to it, it sees it as two devices.
Why not just unplug the cable from the charger when it is not in use?

Because the charger is out of reach, like behind the table.

Well yeah that makes it inconvenient then.