Omnia Duo - 65W Dual Port PD Charger


  • Powered by AUKEY’s OmniaChip, an advanced GaN power IC that brings up to 3x faster charging with just half the size and weight.

  • Fast charge two PD-compatible smartphones like iPhones or Pixels at once.

  • Able to charge a 13" MacBook Pro and other similar USB-C laptops.

  • Augmented with Dynamic Detect, the USB-C port can output 65W Power Delivery when used on its own, and 45W Power Delivery when both ports are in use.

  • Built-in safeguards protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging.


Model: PA-B4

Input: AC 100V–240V 50 / 60Hz

USB-C Output 1: (65W Power Delivery 3.0) DC 5V 3A, 9V 3A, 12V 3A, 15V 3A, 20V 3.25A

USB-C Output 2: (18W Power Delivery 3.0) DC 5V 2.4A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A

Max Power Output: 65W

Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 30mm / 2.05" x 2.05" x 1.18"

Weight: 103.5g / 3.65oz


Very nice looking charger. Specs read FAST and I’m glad USB-C is finally being supported almost everywhere.


They’re amazing chargers - beautifully designed, and extremely useful for a whole range of devices. :smiley:


Another nice product, thanks for sharing :+1:


Great way to charge my devices. These little things pack some power!


Still waiting for this and other new Omnia chargers to show up with Euro-plug, and be available at Amazon in Europe.

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I know it was US launch first with EU to follow but along came this Corona thing so I imagine that there will be some kinda delay before we get them here as well.

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Hi @Brynner

That’s a good question. I’ve just been told by my colleague, that we expect to see PA-B3 / B4 on the market in with a European plug by June. If this comes earlier, i’ll be sure to let you know.



Any updates about the euro-version? :slight_smile:

There was but it is buried somewhere, I think it was delayed a bit because of the Covid, but I can’t remember when :blush:

Yes, that’s right. Potentially July or at latest August :frowning:

I just got mine and I noticed it gets seriously hot when I’m using it to charge my 13-inch MacBook Pro. Is this something I should be worried about? I thought since it’s using GaN technology it would run a whole lot cooler, but it seems to be even worse than the stock MacBook USB C charger from Apple.

It shouldn’t be so warm - tests have shown many times that they’re cooler than our previous PD chargers. Try it with a few different devices and if it continues, please do contact suppport :slight_smile:

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Is there any news yet?

Very keen on buying a few :grin:

The 100W, white version is now back in stock :slight_smile:

65W is also available :slight_smile:

If you want dual USB-C ports, this is now in stock as well.

Thanks so much, but actually I meaner the European plug version. :smirk:


Well they are to be released later this month :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to get my hands on them!
I assume that they will be sold through ?