Omnia Chip Powered Wall Chargers are Here! 🔌

They’ve arrived!

Our first batch of brand new, Omnia Chip Powered Wall Chargers are available now, on Amazon.

PA-B4 Link

PA-B3 Link

You can get your hands on these amazing chargers for 10% Off right now, whilst initial stocks last. :smiley:

Sorry - these are just for the US currently, launches in EU and RoW TBC



Looking great :ok_hand:

Also, find the comparison with other brands here…

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These look great, but gonna hold off as long as possible for the 100w!

My next work laptop should support USB-C charging, and I will probably want one of these then. But I would also be looking at the 100W version, 65W feels like a pretty light load.

Yes, makes sense. For those that need that extra wattage, definitely worth the wait! Check back here for news on when they’re released :slight_smile:

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I may be able to justify to purchase a 100W charge for my laptop :grin:

Hard not to justify it :laughing:

A 100w charger and that hub with wireless charging built in, that’s the setup I think I’ll be going for when I get around to setting up an office again (office really means entertainment desk not work) :blush: