Omnia Chargers vs Previous generation wall chargers

What’s the difference between the new omnia chargers and the previous generation wall chargers? To me it seems like they are the same.

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Have a look here

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depends on what generation you’re talking. I think the newest of the new Omnia ones are very small form factor with 60w out than the previous generation

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Great question!

In some ways, yes - they’re very similar, but certainly not the same.

  1. Form factor - reduce size compared with previous generations, as GaN has helped to reduce the circuitry needed inside
  2. Better power efficiency - again due to use of GaN inside the new Omnia chargers
  3. Omnia Series will max out at 100w (tbc)

Check out our product page to see more info - (link) :+1:

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When can we expect to see the 100w ones and the rest of the lineup?

The 100W versions are to be released later this year, possible before the end of April, if not moving into Q2 - shall keep you all updated here when I have more news :slight_smile: