Omnia 90w PA B6s with 2 USB-Cs and 1 USB-A

Hi, I bought a white Aukey omnia 90W with three outlets (two usb -c’s and one USB-A). The configurations listed in small print on the back suggest all sorts of permutations — e.g. UBS-C #1 plus #2 is 60w/30w. Same for USB-C#1 and USB-A) The USB-C#2 plus USAB-A is 12w/12W .

Question #1 : What if you only plugged one device into it—would it deliver all 90w (or less less if it decides your device won’t take that — i.e. is there some communication?) And would it be wrong to charge a non-PD device with the larger wattage of this plug. And what devices are PD these days? I have an iPhone X, 12 and smaller devices (AirPods pros, Apple Watch, for example)


Question #2 : Is it safe to charge a device like an Air Pod Pro in either the A or C slots (Apple says the maximum wattage is 5 watts).

Question #3 : which is the usb-c 1 versus the usb-c 2 port? One is marked with PD sign and one with computer icon. I would need to know, so if using both I can tell which is delivering 60 and which 30. No directions came with this. I see you don’t see on site and I’m wondering if I should buy another instead.

Please answer all three questions, as I’ve been waiting for your answer from support since my first (of 3) emails sent Dec 4. Is there no easy-to-understand manual for your chargers. and why is this one gone from your list online . I find no reference in the community either… I purchased at suggestion of the Wall Street Journal!

I just don’t want to fry my devices!

Hey MaryL.
Since you are not getting an answer I am trying to help. I am not an electric guy but at least I can speak from my experience. I do have MacBooks, iPhone, iPads, Apple Watched and AirPods myself. First things first. You are not going to fry any of your devices. Each device will just pull the amount of wattage they are capable of. As far as I know that would be 5 Watts for AirPods and Apple Watches and 27 or 30 Watts for newer iPhones and iPads. Macs are the only devices to consume more. Up to 90 Watts for the 16 inch. USB A will most likely have a maximum output of 12 Watts and only USB C is able to get above that. I personally use a 108 Watt desktop charger from satechi currently. To your questions.

  1. Yes if only one device is plugged in (into the Right usb c port) it will have access to the whole 90 Watt.
  2. Yes it is save. For example I am charging my AirPods Pro with the 18 Watt USB C Adapter from my iPad and my iPhone. Doesn’t matter which one you use, the AirPods will consume 5 watt.
  3. The one with the computer symbol usually is the one with the higher output. If you have a MacBook that consumes more than 30 watt you might as well test this.
    Hopefully this is helpful to you.