Omnia 100W PD Charger

Take a look at the full product page below, but here are the details:


  1. 100W Super Power: enables full-speed charging for the latest MacBook Pro 16"
  2. Portable & compact: compact form factor with foldable plugs (up to 50% smaller and lighter than Apple’s 96W MacBook charger)
  3. Broad compatibility: able to charge USB-powered Apple and Android devices at full speed. (Not support 45W fast charging for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+)
  4. AUKEY GaN inside: powered by AUKEY OmniaChip™, the next-gen GaN IC developed by AUKEY, to bring a better charging experience
  5. Safe & reliable: AUKEY has been creating reliable charging experience for millions of users ever since the day it was founded
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Excellent, I am definitely going to get one of these.
I know it doesn’t charge the Note 10 plus at 45w but it will fast charge my 45w PPS powerbank and my Chromebook at the same time while I still have the Note 10 plus plugged into the powerbank, so it is a total winner :sunglasses:

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For sure. It’s very versatile. I’ll be upgrading myself - getting rid of my bulky power brick for the laptop :smiley:

Actually I want the charger AND the hub with 100w pass through and wireless charging :grin:
Not trying to be greedy, it is purely for practical reasons :joy:

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Both highly practical devices! Totally worth it :smiley:

Excited to see it coming too. Given supply chain issues and business disruptions right now, I might not anticipating my new laptop will be happening in April, so it might be a little longer before I have a use for it.

Well, i’m sure you’ll find use for it when the time does come