⚡ Omnia 100W + 61W Pre-Release

It’s finally here…we know many of you have waited long for the Omnia 100W PD Charger, but I’m happy to announce it’s now ready for pre-release.

“What does that mean?”

Well, it’s simple. We have JUST 100 units per model in pre-release, and we know they will go like hotcakes.

And to celebrate this pre-release for you guys in the Community, we’re going that step further and offering you a BIG discount.

20% Off each PA-B2 + PA-B5, PLUS Free Shipping:package:

https://shop.aukey.com/products/omnia-100w-pd-charger - Use Code ‘AUKEYB5’ at checkout.

https://shop.aukey.com/products/omnia-61w-pd-charger - Use Code ‘AUKEYB2’ at checkout.



Nice one :+1:

Nice to see this new release and great deal!

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Very cool to see a dedicated high power module. Dual ports are great, but sometimes its nice to know all your juice is always going to one place. But the white… :scream:

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Yes, it does have that “I want to be a Macbook charger” vibe. Much stronger because it is pictured next to an actual Macbook charger. I don’t love that color in general, black is much nicer.

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I think the white is because it is geared towards the Mac/Apple crowd a bit

I LOVE the white. But as you guys say, it could be cause I have a mac :roll_eyes:

It shows black on the listing. I’ll be getting my white one now though :fire::fire:

The black has had such demand, that we’re waiting for more units to be in stock before releasing it further. So we have the white available at the moment.

I like both white and black, but at that price it’s certainly enticing ha :smiley:

This is great to have item, thanks for sharing @Dane_AUKEY

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Gonna hold off for the Duo but great to feed the community with discounts for pre-release


Yeah the pre-release for the community is a nice touch.
I’ll be waiting for a duo version as well myself but I do like that 100w :grin:

You’re welcome! I can’t wait to get one myself for my laptop and phone :smiley: :zap:

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Very nice!

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