No responses to warranty emails

I purchased a pair of AUKEY-EP-N5 wireless earbuds about a month and a half ago and have loved them so far, however the top of the charging case has become loose and so no longer holds the earbuds in place given that it cannot stay attached.

I have treated the earbuds with extreme care and I am somewhat disappointed that this has happened so soon after purchase so would hope that it can be followed up with warranty.

I sent a warranty enquiry about a week ago to the “” email as well as a couple of follows ups, but have not had any luck getting a response.

This experience is a shame because the product itself has been very good, facilitating a replacement via warranty due to a fault has been very bad.

Hi @endgargoyle,

Thanks for joining the Community. We are sincerely sorry for the bad experience. Could you please send another email to Sometimes our customer service department gets so busy, they missed your email.

Hi Chester, yes, I have sent the email three times now over the past week, but I will send it again now.

Hi @endgargoyle,

Thank you for your support to AUKEY. Let me know how it goes.

Hi @ChesterW, abysmally. I have resent the email to five times over the past week + and have received zero response. This is turning out to be quite a frustrating customer service experience.

Hi @endgargoyle,

Could you please check if there are emails in your spam box?

Hi @ChesterW, no emails in the spam box (I have checked every day)… 10 days, 13 emails, 0 response! How can a primary customer support contact be so unresponsive?

Hi @endgargoyle,

Sorry about the inconvenience, could you please provide me the email address you used to send the email? I will report it directly to our customer service department.

Hi @endgargoyle,

I have reported your situation to the customer service department, please check your email.

Hi @ChesterW I got received one reply 6 days ago requesting my address to arrange a replacement but never received an acknowledgement or a notification that the replacement was being prepared/dispatched/shipped. I have again sent follow up emails with no response. Could this please be followed up again?

Hi @endgargoyle

No problem, I will inform the customer service department.