Nice discount on dashcam

This was in my Amazon offers this morning so thought I’d share as it seems a good discount.

And then there is also this one that I really want, I didn’t know Aukey did this type of dashcams so it was a nice surprise as I have nearly pulled the trigger on other cheap Chinese brands in the past but now I’ll wait a bit and get this one instead.

That mirror one is a really nice idea… Too bad it won’t work in my car. I have a bunch of sensors behind the mirror. But I like the fact that is hides the dash cam

I still need one of these for my other car, that reflector one looks pretty cool.

I am not a huge fan of look through the windshield sensors built into the car, just because they are often very sensitive to windshield damage (crack / pitting), and to windshield replacements. It can make a few hundred dollar windshield replacement from a glass company into a $500+ trip to the dealer. I’m one of those people who looks at every new car from the perspective of how it will still be working when it is a 20 year old car, and most new cars aren’t as good looked at that way. Fancy built in features tend to not pass the time test.

Dashcams are fine with windshield issues, because they just reduce the quality of the image a bit, and you only really need to be able to see what happens in an accident, a perfect image is not key. And while I wouldn’t expect them to last 20 years, they are easy and affordable to replace if you go aftermarket vs installed from the manufacturer.

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The reality of dashcams where I am is unfortunately that you need to have one because as a driver you are more or less guilty until proven innocent, claim culture is quite bad and insurance companies can be a harder battle than the law even when you did nothing wrong.

The sensors on my car are on the inside of the glass, don’t believe it takes much to remove and replace. It’s basically the rain sensor and emergency braking camera. It’s just bulky and prevents me from hanging my toll pass out of the way.

With a truck, the mirror with backup cam is a nice feature. Ashamed to admit I have “bumped” a few things with my tow hitch already lol.