New power bank model inquiry

first, let me start by saying whoever is processing your
is wasting everyone’s time insisting on “order numbers”
as a lot of people are emailing there with pre-sale questions about your products.

November 2020 amazon usa starting listing a new 20,000mAh Model: PB-N93A
yet it’s nowhere to be found on your websight nor has anyone reviewed it yet.

so is this some fraud product? or really AUKEY
if it’s really aukey, then will i be able to exend the warranty 24+6 months
if i register it after buying it off amazon as your aukeycare system claims.

i hope someone from aukey can answer this soon,
i already wasted a week back and forth with that useless email,
and i need to pull the trigger on a power bank before i fly,
and i don’t wanna be stuck with some fake rebranded crap.

I’ve never seen it before, but it looks legitimate and is very similar to their other posts.

Hi there,

The model PB-N93A is a new model from AUKEY.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by website upgrading.

You are able to register the model and get AUKEYCARE+ warranty plan here