Need support PB-Y7 failed and warranty support no longer responding

I bought a PB-Y7 back in November. It stopped charging back in July and when I contacted support they offered to purchase something else for me, then they stopped responding. Can you assist or is the warranty actually not honored?

Hi @robintontx

I’m surprised to hear they just stopped responding. Usually, a replacement is offered if no other steps are available. Please do email them again, and I’ll grab your email and share it with them to push it forward from my end.


I just e-mailed again.

Okay great - let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

Not looking very good…

Hi Robert,

We are confused with your mean.

Could you tell us more?

Hope for your reply.

Best wishes,


Service team

I’m going to send another e-mail covering ALL of the information I had previously provided, but this isn’t looking very good.

Perhaps you don’t have a ticket tracking system or there is a serious problem with it?

I’m unsure why there was no record of your previous communication - there should be a ticket tracking system. I’m not connected at all to the customer service department, I merely share info to there.

Sorry I’m not much more help :frowning:

Reviewing the communications is is apparent that there is a lack of english speakers in the CS department which may have been why they failed to understand my e-mails. I’ll reach out to someone I know who speaks Chinese to see if I can get my e-mails through in something closer to their native language. Absent that I’ll write-off the product and purchase an Anker PowerCore+ to replace it.

I’ll see what I can do for you :pray:

Ok, this appears to have stalled again…
They asked for an ASIN for a replacement and I went to Amazon, located a replacement product (Actually same product), then shared it with them along with the URL. This is their response:

Hi Robin,

I’m really sorry. According to your ASIN code, we did not find any related products.

Can you tell us the model and shop name of the product you need?

waiting for your reply.



Customer Service Team

This is the information I shared with them:
ASIN for replacement is: B07MTD7KRQ

Amazon shows it as in stock and available for delivery.

My shipping information


Hi Robin

I have just checked the ASIN and it does indeed show up.

It’s best to send them the URL. I don’t understand why it’s being so complicated :frowning:

Perhaps their translation program is mangling the ASIN and URL?

Quite possibly.

Ok, I just re-sent the mail on what I think is ticket number 6703, adding spaces between the individual characters of the ASIN and providing an alternate Amazon URL for it.
Sent message is:
That is odd, Dane (A Community manager on your board) had no problem finding it.

I am supplying it again with spaces between the characters in case your translator is mangling the ASIN.

ASIN for replacement is: B 0 7 M T D 7 K R Q

Amazon shows it as in stock and available for delivery within 2 days.

The URL on Amazon for it is:

An alternate URL for it on Amazon is:

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Hopefully that helps :+1:

It looks like it might have.

Hi Robin,

Thank you for your patience reply.

According to the address you provided, we have arranged for you a replacement.

The product is expected to arrive in your hands within 5-8 days.

However, due to the virus, delivery may be delayed.

Previously purchased products do not need to be sent back.

The 24-month product warranty is calculated based on the date of your first product was purchased.

Hope you have a pleasant experience.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.



Customer Service Team

Great news! :clap:

Replacement received and I am now back to a good state. I’ve updated my Amazon review to reflect what I have learned in this interaction. Thank you for your assistance.

Wonderful news! Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: