nCovid-19 (Coronavirus) - Is it Impacting you?

Hey guys!

As I’m sure you’re all aware, it seems that the Coronavirus is spreading around the world, and there are naturally concerns from people far and wide.

With news from the WHO, who have come out and said that it’s going to continue spreading, I thought I’d put it to you guys - I’d like to know how its impacting you in the Community.

Are any of you working remotely?
Has it impacted international travel?
Are you concerned with going out or visiting places such as the supermarket?
What’re your general thoughts on the matter?

Let us know :smiley:

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At the moment it is not affecting me workwise as I’m not working since I was made redundant last July and I’m not actively looking for anything except maybe some kind of remote work.
For shopping i try and pick my time when there hardly anybody else in the shop so that I’m in and out in a flash and job done :slight_smile:
Eating healthy and keeping your immune system boosted seems to be the best thing you can do for yourself at the moment, same as with any other flu strain really.

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An extra family member is living with me now, so a little bit? They were teaching in China, but schools are closed down indefinitely so came back and is using the spare room in my basement until we see when things are going to reopen.

I can work remotely anyway, so it isn’t a huge impact up front. But I do travel some for work inside the US - if the outbreaks here grow I can definitely see it impacting both that and some of our customers in manufacturing.

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I have started remote working due to this Coronavirus, but bit worried seeing people stock up items crazy… sanitizers, food items, water bottle, and more…

the scene at local safeway and costco look rather scary,

sometime feel the panic will have more impact than the actual virus