My Scarab Gaming Mouse Model GM-F3 Review

This is a review of the Aukey: Scarab Gaming Mouse - Model GM-F3

I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Aukey for sponsoring this unbiased review… Thank You! :blush:

The Scarab Gaming Mouse - Model GM-F3 by Aukey a pretty darn good entry level gaming mouse coming in under $25 @ $17.99


Don’t let the price mislead you. While most PC peripherals labeled “Gaming” at this price mark fall short of being worthy of mentioning, I am glad to be able to say Aukey has made sure to set themselves aside with the Scarab Gaming Mouse - Model GM-F3.

So let’s talk about it…
I like to start my Reviews with the Cons:

• Not enough Thumb side Macro buttons
That’s it… lol…

I honestly expected to find more “wrong” than that simply because “Gaming” peripherals is a new area for them, but I found that it is obvious they did their Homework as they do with developing all of their products… So…

The Pros:
• Features
• Weight
• Profile
• Customizing Range
• Customization App/Program
• Look/Feel and RGB… LoL…

I will get into the features in a moment but I would like to talk about the weight first coming in at only 75g this light weight mouse is easy to move on all surfaces. Though I recommend a mouse pad or smooth non-reflective surface, because like other mice with a performance sensor a surface with a grain such as wood will cause skipping from time to time especially when moving quickly while playing FPS games.

The seemingly small profile made from ABS plastic with a braided cable is actually just right (even for large palms) making for a comfortable resting style hold.

For a Gaming Mouse priced far under $50 it comes with a wide range of features including: 6 programmable buttons with the Left and Right buttons being rated for 20M clicks, Max DPI @ 7200, Max Polling @ 1000Hz and Max Acceleration @ 22.5g to name a few things.

Aukey’s Customization App designed specifically for the Scarab Gaming Mouse - Model GM-F3 gives the user the ability to: Program the buttons with preset options as well as Custom Macros, Adjust all of the features mentioned above along with additional attributes, and set the RGB speed and profile from 6 options including a DPI option where you can have custom colors for each DPI setting, this makes it easy to tell which DPI you are on at a glance.

I give the Scarab Gaming Mouse - Model GM-F3 a 10 out of 10. As of lately I’ve been mostly gaming on my PS4 and returning to PC gaming to test this mouse was a very pleasant experience do to the increased quality of life provided by the Aukey: Scarab Gaming Mouse - Model GM-F3 and it’s performance and Customization. I was previously using a similarly priced off brand “Gaming” mouse that was a gift which never came even remotely close to this mouse in performance and zero customization options.

Moving forward I would like to see a few features added such as adjustable/removable weights with the base weight being 75g (weights removed) for those who like a heavier feel when playing and a few more programmable/macro buttons (thumb side), of course this would move the price mark up a bit, but I believe it would be worth it, especially considering this mouse is already offered at a Amazing price.

Well Done Aukey!


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