My most useful Aukey products in my desk

What other Aukey products doy you always have in your desk?

My wireless charger is essential for my iPhone 11 and my Airpods, I supports fast wireless charguing up to 7.5W and it’s really nice that the led lights in light green when it uses normal charge and darker green when it uses fast charge.

The desktop lamp is literally the best buy I’ve made in my life :joy: the light temperature and intensity are really useful when you stay working/studying at night. Model: AUKEY LT-T10

And finally the aukey earbuds are perfect to sincronice then with windows 10, so whenever I open them, they autocconect, and the microphone has better quality than Airpods gen 1 to be fair.


Welcome to the forum santiagog7🙏
Cool little setup there👍

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Thank you! Just come to my notice this forum exists :joy:

Welcome to the community.

But explain to us what those are? And why are they essential to you.

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Just edited my post to tell a little about the products :+1:

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I like the desktop lamp, Aukey should make a new version with built in 10&15watt wireless charging :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, definitely a new model with Wireless charguing would be great, even more considering this model is from 2016.

Nice set of Aukey products there, the Desk Lamp is most interesting and my favorite!

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I kinda guessed it was a bit of an old version as I haven’t seen it before

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That’s even new to me :laughing:

I do like some of the older products that we used to do, but with more of a focus on ‘power’ as of late, since 2019, Lighting and other things have taken a bit of a backseat.

@Simon_AUKEY our resident product manager will help offer these positive reviews to our product dev team :smiley:

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Hope the community ideas are useful for the dev team :+1:

I’m sure they will be :slight_smile:

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Keep the ideas flowing… these will be useful for design team!

Absolutely. The goal of any company, that makes products for people - is to ensure that they’re actually needed, or useful.

Many companies can get lost and make something, without doing research or focus groups etc. So its fantastic to get feedback to help us drive informed decisions in product development :smiley:

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That is one amazing setup!