Mother's Day is Right Round the Corner

With Mother’s Day nearly here, and many of you still in lockdown, what will you do to make this Sunday extra special?

We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best ideas…

1**. Zoom / Facebook Messenger Call** - The simple sight of your face may bring joy to your mom. It’s easy and brings you and your family together.
2. Flower Delivery - Some places are still offering these services, so if you’re lucky enough to have the option, it could be a great way to start your mom’s day!
3. Card Delivery Service - Click, design, write out a brief message and have it shipped to your mom. It’s pretty simple. :smiley:

What ideas do you have for this Sunday? :thinking:

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

Had a video call on whatsapp and wished my mom, and sent her flowers (virtual over video)

As for my better- half, prepared breakfast straight to bed :blush: and a sweet dessert ( chocolate cake)

Also there is an Aukey event, posted it here


I just played… Ding…Dong…The Witch is Dead on repeat all day :rofl::scream::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Skype call, too far to be there in person. Lots of love for my wife, from me and the children. Seems to have all gone over very well.

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That’s nice, considering the situation! Great to see people are doing their best :smiley: