Modding ep-t10 earbuds

I love my new pair of earbuds, for the performing audio, its ergonomic shape, the light-speed bluetooth connection, its stability, and quality materials of the case makes it a top choice to me.
I would like to improve the little tiny speakers.
88db is not enough for me, i want more.
I have found this company that sells graphene driver .
I’m aware of the fact that opening the shell will void any kind of warranty, but i have a few skill so i think i can make a try and before doing that i would like to ask to the community if anybody has the datasheet of the driver, just the driver. I need the exact measures. I know it should be a 6mm, 16ohm, thats all. I’m missing the height. Could anybody confirm i’m not wrong?
Coul anybody confirm that once the battery wil blow ican replace it with a lir1254 battery?
Thanks for reading and to those who will reply
Have a good day