May Giveaway - Share Your Snaps 📷

Did you upgrade your workplace with AUKEY recently?

If you did, share the picture of your AUKEY covered workplace with us to win a chance to be our #TopAUKIE. We will feature your photo and your name on all our socials and send you a special gift at the end of this month.

“How to enter?”


Just jump onto Instagram or Facebook and tag us - @aukeyofficial - with your new workplace set up, showcasing the very best of AUKEY.

And as an ADDED BONUS for you in the #Community- share with us a snapshot of yourself using one of our Home Office Essential Products right here, on this thread, to be in for the chance to win an ADDITIONAL prize! :fire:

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Lots of Aukey batteries, cables, and Bluetooth speaker really help home office life #community

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What… no clean desk policy :joy:

Wireless Audio & Power! EP-T10 - LC-C6



Long time customer, love the brand! Especially my PowerHub XL!


Nice setup there :+1:

Love my USB-C and USB-A wall adapter and my 20,000mah battery. They keep me going for several days on end. Not pictured is my 7 port USB hub that’s at my desk at the office.

I’ve got plenty of AUKEY stuff in and around my desktop, but when I need a change of scenery, I’ve also got my trusty AUKEY folding desk, T-10s and keyboard.

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Some of my most used:
Aukey 90 Degree USB-C Cable (red cable connected to the iPad Pro), Aukey USB-C Charger Minima 30W, Aukey 10000mAh PD Universal Power Bank and Aukey Omnia Duo 65W Dual-Port PD Charger


That desk is cool :sunglasses:

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It’s really nice to have around and it has come in handy a lot being stuck at home. It’s getting a lot more use now. The kids like using it and it’s very versatile. And in a pinch I just prop it up on my normal desk and now I’ve got a standing desk. Worth the money for sure.

That’s a great setup there… more so the Aukey boxes :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

Super nice setup :grin:

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I just got the same keyboard last week to use with my iPad Pro 11" and my work Dell laptop. It’s not quite as convenient for the iPad as a dedicated keyboard case would be but I can use my iPad without a keyboard when I want to, plus I can use the same keyboard with multiple devices vs. a different keyboard for everything. Also it’s great for typing on my lap because it’s kind of its own lap desk vs. a keyboard case so it’s really versatile. How do you like yours?

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You are running a warehouse for Aukey? :smile:

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I love :heart: my K780 keyboard. Have it for over a year.

I have it programmed to connect to my PC, iPad Pro 11" and Samsung S8 phone. Switching ‘on the fly’ is super easy and I like the slot on the rear end of the keyboard to place a tablet or phone. Very innovative keyboard.

All my Aukey stuff is still powering my home office system. Not using the battery as much with limited travel, but the rest is still seeing daily use, as I am working from home most of the time.


Good to hear you still love it after a year! I’m happy that it feels very sturdy. Switching between devices is easy, too. My biggest frustration is probably that I’m using it with a PC as well as an iPad so the keyboard shortcuts are different between devices (CTRL- vs. CMD-) plus there aren’t dedicated page up/down and home/end buttons. I know I could probably switch the control buttons around but I’m not sure that would make it any easier. :slight_smile: Other than that I love it. I’m going to be doing some travel for work after things open up again so I’m trying to figure out if there’s a carrying case available for it.

It takes awhile to get used to. “Alt” on the iPad is like “Ctrl” on the PC.

I miss the Page Up/Down buttons too but I’ll use the directional arrow keys on the right side or scroll with my wheel on the Mouse.

Not sure about a case but search Amazon for a felt or canvas pouch with correct dimensions.
I’d rather keep that keyboard on the desk and get an alternate compact keyboard for travel. These two are my list Keyboard 1, Keyboard 2 but they are sold out.

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