Manual for DR02 dash cam please!

I’ve recently bought the DR02 dash cam and installed it in my car. Works great, absolutely love it. I love the fact it comes with little adhesive cable clips so I can easily route the power cable.

The only problem is the user manual is useless for setting it up as in configuring it. I’ve managed to get the date and time set - the basic stuff - as settings are similar from my Nextbase (which I’m slowly phasing out) but the one thing I just can’t seem to find is any mention of ALL of the functions of the settings menu as there are some options in there I’m not too sure on.


Hi Zeb

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There’s a download of the manual here, you need to scroll down a fair bit

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There are manuals there for the 02D and J, depending on which you need just search the page for DR02 and it will take you straight to them.

But those are just the user manuals, and that is what you probably already have in hand and are commenting does not have details on all the settings. I glanced through one, and it doesn’t have a whole lot about settings and menus at all. I don’t know where you would get more detailed instructions, that is a question for @Dane_AUKEY.

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Fair play TaHaEng

I didn’t download and look through them as I am on my phone not the laptop today :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the link but it’s exactly the same as the small booklet in the box my dash cam came in and fails to tell me what all the menu options do.

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I’m not sure what time zone they are in but there is a couple of support people from Aukey that are now on here, bear in mind that it is quite new but I’m sure they will help.
I don’t think you’ll see them on the forum until Monday though.

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I’ve asked a colleague for this info. Once I get it I’ll be sure to share it here :grin:

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Please press the button indicated in the picture to enter the menu, select the time and date option, and then adjust the time and date.

If you have more questions, you can contact us by email:

We will respond to your questions specifically.