MacBook Power Chime every few minutes

I have own(ed) 2 Aukey products:

  • Focus Duo 63W (PA-D5)
  • 56W/46W Power Delivery (PA-Y10) which I unfortunately lost at an airport

With both, I notice that my MacBook Pro (2017 15" model) will disconnect from power (I notice the screen dimming) for a fraction of a second and then reconnect. Because of that, I hear the power chime too. This happens maybe every 2 minutes or so. No matter if I reboot or reset SMC per Apple’s instructions, this still happens.

I’ve read about this happening in some detailed Amazon reviews as well as this post, but those seem to pertain more to sleep. My current experience is with the laptop being actively used. For reference I’m using a 2m Anker USB C to C cable.

Hi @chargerpower

Sorry to hear you’re having this issue. I’ve never personally heard of it, maybe another member of the Community has.

But I recommend letting our support team know directly about this experience - :slight_smile:

Does it only happen when the macbook is fully charged?
I was thinking some sort of trickle charging kicking on/off or maybe the actual charger isn’t high enough Watts for both charging and using the macbook at the same time

@JSH1973 it happens when I’m at anything from 100% down to 0%

@Dane thanks for your help, I do have an update.

While typing the original post out and listing out my equipment, I realized the potential issue–this Anker cable that I’ve been using for years. While it seems to be high quality (Powerline+, braided, etc), I realized I should have at least tried basic troubleshooting. I borrowed a coworker’s Apple 2m cable and immediately the problem went away.

Unfortunately Aukey cables were sold out so instead I bought a Anker 60W cable (Powerline III), plugged it in and again no more chime sounds. I guess not all USB C cables (even from reputable brands) are the same. That’s one frustrating element of USB C even today. It’s still hard to find many cables rated above 60W too.


Finding 100w cables is quite challenging, I am really surprised aukey isn’t packaging one with their 100w chargers. Might bump the price a bit, but selling a full charging solution is much better than just a charger.

And it would avoid issues like you had as well.

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Yes, 100w is hard to find - we’re looking to see if bundling them together would be more beneficial, but as @TahaEng - it may bump the price up. :frowning:

Not sure if bundling is necessary, but at least selling 100W cables would be a start. The CB-CD19 is advertised for 60W only.