Lockdown End In Sight

All over the world, some people are coming out or soon to come out of the lockdown.

what will YOU do when you come out of the lockdown??

Let us know the most interesting things you’ll do to enjoy the occasion! :pray:

I’ll be really boring and do nothing special :confused:
There’s still going to be a lot of social distancing needed to protect people 65+ so it isn’t really going to be over until we have a vaccine unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:
So besides trying to maybe find some kinda remote work part time, my everyday won’t change much.
I will however celebrate BIG TIME when it possible to travel to the :sunny: again and probably go for 4-6 weeks to Costa del Sol, Spain :es:

I’ll be driving 8.5 hours to get to/from work for the next few weeks. I’ll be spending the week at work and the weekend at home. I’ll be spending a LOT of time on the road and away from outlets. It sure beats staying at home all day for weeks on end.

I don’t it be over in the few weeks at least for Texas. The Texas State governor announced last week that he’s lifting the stay at home orders in phases and believes the social distancing will still be in effect. Most of the medical professionals think this is a bad idea and expect a surge in cases in early May. The new state orders should start May 1st. But from what I’ve seen, most people aren’t following those basic orders. Several states have lifted the stay at home orders and the number of cases of Covid went up. Earlier today Dallas County voted to extend the stay at home orders to May 15th since the Covid cases are still going up.

I’m hearing that we may have another month of this before the number of cases start dropping.

I’m immune compromised and have a heart condition so I won’t be going out until the end of May unless they figure out a way to fight Covid Medically and it works. I was laid off from work and my job is considered not essential and will be one of the last few places to start work again. They think it will be end of May before we open back up.

Once the stay at home orders are lifted and its safe to go back into public I will be visiting with friends and I am planning a road trip to West Texas and South Texas for some photography work I planned to do back in March. Later this summer my brother, our friends, and I are planning a 5 day Kayak trip in Arkansas. My brother and I are planning to a trip to Hot Springs Arkansas for several days of Rock Crawling and offroading with his Jeep. We will be doing all this stuff from mid summer through early fall of this year.

Quarantine is not going to be over soon… not until the vaccine is ready. The more the people come out, the more chances of hot-spots.

Even with US or world-wide countries opening up on lockdown, pressured more due to economics , they will eventually be forced to go into lockdown again.

If people follow proper instructions with physical distancing (note that I am not using social distancing) … everyone should be fine!

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I’m in New Jersey, not far from NYC. Unfortunately, it may be awhile before it’s over here and we are allowed to do non essential things. Luckily I am finding more ways to work from home so hopefully I won’t need to venture out too much since I work for a essential industry.

Quarantine is for sick people. Sick people will continue to be quarantined I’m guessing. What is ending is this idea that it is okay to lock lots of healthy people up for a month to avoid the chance of getting sick.

And three cheers for that.

Well there’s that side to it as well unfortunately

We may never have an effective vaccine against this, it isn’t really like the flu in a lot of ways. It turns out it is very hard to do a good vaccine for a disease that attacks the upper respiratory tract.

If that was the goal of the shutdown, it almost certainly was a bad goal. Likely the only way this will stop is when enough people have had it that herd immunity is reached. And to reduce the deaths on the way from that, we should probably be making sure that those at lowest risk get infected sooner rather than later.

@element321 We should have better numbers once antibody tests come in, but from the cruise ship test cases, we know that over half of those who test positive NEVER show any symptoms, and those cases generally don’t show up in the case count anywhere. So divide any case fatality rates by at least half, maybe a lot more than that.

The death toll from this is higher than normal flu, but not by this level of panic higher. Those over 70 or with “complications” - which seems to primarily connect to obesity and related diseases - should be taking all the precautions they can. The rest of us should be living life with a little extra care above a regular flu season.

The millions of deaths models were proven to be way off base before the lockdown even started - with the lockdown, the numbers might be below the regular flu season, but at an incredible cost. This lockdown is unprecendented in history, and that includes the 1918 Spanish flu (far more deadly, including for those in the prime of their lives) and the 1958 Asian flu pandemic.

I never really thought there would be a vaccine. They can even come up with a vaccine for the common cold. As you mentioned, its more like the flu. Beside, if they do find a vaccine, it will mutate and evolve.

I’m not sure the herd theory is going to work but stay at home really won’t work either. I still have to go at least once or twice a week. I’m careful. I limit my trips out, I don’t go to shop or handout with friends, I stay at least 6ft away from others when possible, I keep my hands off my face, disinfect myself along with keys and phone before I get into the car, and leave my clothes and shoes in the utility room (has a door entry from the outside) and take a shower before I can contaminate the house. I was told my long beard was a good collector for contamination as well.

I have friends and family that work in the medical field and hospitals and they have very big concerns about the COVID-19 and they all are saying to take this seriously.

These are simple steps everyone can do

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Without a vaccine, the end product will be herd immunity. Just a question of how we get there from here.

Stay at home is physically and mentally impossible - humans need interaction with others, long term isolation is proven to cause all sorts of problems. We are reaching the limits of people’s tolerance already.

And that is neglecting the fact that someone has to keep making the stuff that we are all trying to buy online, the government can hand out cash to the unemployed, but it will just cause inflation if more cash chases fewer products.

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