Laptop,IPad and Note10+

Hi. I own a Lenovo X1 laptop ( usd-c, 65W), an Ipad Pro, Galaxy Note+ and I live in Germany.
Could you recommend a wall charger and cables to cover my charging needs when travelling or moving?


Welcome to the forum Papadim :pray:

For the Note10+ the best charger is the one that came with it in the box (don’t bother with the Samsung 45watt charger)
For the laptop and iPad I would wait for the Aukey 100w GaN charger that’s coming soon.

Or maybe this one.
I quite like it myself actually.

@Papadim Hi!!

Thanks for dropping us your message, it’s a good question.

Whilst the suggestion by @JSH1973 is great, it’s currently not available in Germany. However, these two options are: - 60W PA-D5 (15% off right now) - 60W Dual Port - PA-D4


Oops… sorry… didn’t realise it was not available in Germany/Europe.

No problem. It takes time to bring over the EU plug versions as that’s an entirely new production cycle :slight_smile: But thanks for the help!


I guess it means I have to wait myself as well :sweat_smile:

Ha, yes I guess so! I’ll be sure to keep you updated :slight_smile:

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