KM-G15 - Not able to register product/no warranty sticker?

I just got the KM-G15 and found that there is no way to register the product with your site seeing as its not actually an option listed in the products. My box also never came with a sticker for the warranty. I also wanted to download the driver but could not find it. Please help!

Hi @kellyleung

Thanks for taking the time to register your warranty and let us know about your question.

If you’ve purchased it from AUKEY Amazon, then your warranty is valid and covered. If you submitted your warranty application/ registered the product via the account set up procedure on, then you’ll be all good to go.

If you ever have a problem with your product, go to 10 and submit your info including amazon order number. Then we’ll have a record of the purchase and can help process any replacement etc.

Hope this helps