KM-G12 Software can't find keyboard

Hello, I recently downloaded the software for the KM-G12 Keyboard titled “AUKEY KM-G12_US” but when I launch the software it says “No gaming device found!” even though it’s plugged in. I tried reinstalling, rebooting and unplugging the keyboard and pluging it back in but nothing works.

Hi @tcmine,

Thanks for joining the community. Could you please tell me which computer system are you using?

Hello, thanks for the fast response.

I’m using Windows 10 Home (latest version besides optional updates)

Hi @tcmine

Please go to this website(, and then search for your keyboard model. There is another software you can try to download.

Thank you, it works! But are there any features i’m missing with the old one compared to the newer download?

Hi @tcmine,

They are for different systems or computer settings.

Hey what did u do ?

Hi @Very,

Thanks for joining the community. What is the problem you are having?