KM-G12 Keyboard is warped

I’ve noticed an issue with my keyboard. It is model KM-G12. It seems to be warped and will not lie flat on any surface. I’ve checked the rubber pads on the bottom, the three along the front of the keyboard and the two on the feet in the back and they are all in place as expected. It’s like the case itself is warped and the keyboard tends to bounce around when I’m using it. Is this something you all can assist with?

Hi @CHolland8776

They shouldn’t be warped. Mine at home isn’t - Please email us at for a replacement :pray:

Hi Dane, thanks for getting back to me. I’ve sent a few emails to about this issue but I haven’t had a response yet. That’s why I came to the community to see if there were another avenue to pursue. Is there something special I should be doing when I email support?

No, they should just get back to you within 24-48 hours. :pray: