KM-G12 Device not found


I bought the KM-G12 keyboard.
First I downloaded the last version of g-aim software, but impossible to custom RGB color (only predefined colors)

I heard about a new software for KM-G12 keyboard :

I tried to launch this software, but my device is not found… (I also tried to DL all versions DE-FR-US-UK-IT at , no one is working)

g12 3

I dont know why, my keyboard is found on G-AIM but not with the second software. I think this is not a material problem but a software problem. Do u know what I need to do ?

Hi @Very,

Could you please tell me what is your computer system?

Hello @ChesterW

Windows 10 , 64 bits :slight_smile:

Hi @Very,

I have reported the problem to our product department, thank you so much for sharing. But sadly we do not have a solution for this at the moment. We will let you know when we find it out. Thanks again for your support of our products.