Key Series T18NC?

I recently saw the t18nc on Amazon but there wasn’t no review. Anyone purchased them yet? And can you write a review?

I haven’t tried them but found a few reviews on Aukey Malaysia

@Thresh Which amazon are you trying to buy them from, US, UK or elsewhere?

I can certainly find more info for you :smiley:

From Amazon canada and the link doesn’t click

Link should work, it does for me.
If you click/tap the headline text?
Maybe it depends on what browser you are using, if you are using a PC maybe right click and Open in New Window will work

The usa version doesnt have any either
I couldnt find any reviews from doing a internet search

How long have they been on the market

About a week now. I just saw some reviews on amazon us. Looks like a good product.

I didn’t even find them on amazon us. Like the anc feature for around 100 usd. Would be interested in seeing more.

Maybe they are not sold in all markets

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Hi Guys!

Love hearing about your interest in the T18s.

I saw them being tested in the office rigorously and I think the design is great. Glad to see they’re on the market.

Unfortunately, they’re just available in the US right now (see link above) - and luckily for you guys, you can save 20% too :smiley: :musical_note:

For anyone who hasn’t seen the other thread, you can order these from and get free worldwide shipping + 15% discount if you sign up for an account

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I really want to get those but whats going on with the warranty 12 or 24 M

Something else that I would love is an integrated Bluetooth tracker (Tile or TrackR style) since sometimes people misplace the case :grin: Also is there any kind of companion APP for custom settings?

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I would imagine the warranty thing is a bit of a mix up, EU is 24 months on electronic products but US only 12 as far as I know (I could be wrong of course)
Drop keyseries an email directly to ask if it is one or the other.

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20% discount and a nice little mention of them here today


I’m unsure, I expect its just a typo - but best to email them directly and check. :slight_smile:

Nice share! Great article from CNET. Aptly timed :smiley: